Agroford Nutritious Multigrain Atta 45/kg

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Agroford is working towards to deliver 100% pure traditional healthy food and to boost immunity. In this direction, we have brought Nutritious Multigrain Atta for you. Nature is only source of Nutrition and it is in many forms. Best way to have nutrition is grains and each grain has some special character of nutrient. Our body needs most of them.

To fulfill our body’s nutrition need, in this Flour you will get nutrients of 8 grains which includes

  • Sharbati Wheat: Full of Energy, Minerals, Proteins and fibers
  • Chickpeas: Protein, Fiber, Carbs, Vitamins, Minerals
  • Soyabean: Protein, Vitamins and Fiber
  • Maize: Carbs, Protein, Vitamins
  • Barley: Carbs, Fiber, Protein
  • Jowar: Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients
  • Ragi: Dietary Fiber, Amino Acids and Other Vital Nutrients
  • Alsi: Rich In The Omega-3 Fatty Acid Ala, Lignans and Fiber

This nutritive multigrain Atta has no match. This healthy food is full of nutrition and immunity booster. It’s time to add this flour in your daily diet.

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