Agroford’s Premium Sharbati Atta 49/Kg




Agroford is working towards to deliver 100% pure traditional healthy food to our society. In this direction, MP Premium Sharbati Atta is processed from pure MP Sharbati C 306 whole wheat grains.

This grain is a blessing from the nature for us. Sharbati C-306 is world’s most nutritive and superior in all wheat grains. This Golden grain is sown in black soil of Sehore and Vidisha district of MP hence it is most nutritive.

We procured this under the guidance of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Sehore MP. We process it in traditional way of stone chakki to keep it nutritious as only nutritious and fresh food gives you good health and immunity to protect you from numerous diseases. This flour is rich in carbs, vitamins, proteins, Minerals, Fibers and full of energy with around 364 kcal. MP Premium Sharbati Atta makes you feel the natural flavor, aroma and color of Sharbati C-306 Wheat.

By using this, you will give your family a boon of taste and health in every food bite.

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